Ashe County is located in Northwestern North Carolina, atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. It offers some of the most beautiful landscapes found in the United States and is known for its preserved scenic beauty and relaxed peaceful lifestyle. This area is nestled between ancient rivers and gorgeous mountains that reach splendid heights. The area’s charm and pleasant atmosphere is matched by a very comfortable and gentle climate. Even on the hottest days of summer, a cool refreshing breeze is guaranteed by the lofty elevation. Expect temperate summers, colorful autumns, crisp yet mild winters and refreshing springs with the many blooming wild flowers. The county seat is Jefferson, which is a lively town dotted with antique shops, family style restaurants, and a wonderful friendly atmosphere. Traditionally grounded in agriculture and manufacturing, the people of Ashe County are proud, hard working folks, who still do everything within their ability to help their neighbors, and who still value honesty and heritage. With its extremely low crime rate, it is a safe and stable area to raise a family or relocate for that well deserved retirement.

Running through Ashe County is the New River, the second oldest river in the world, and the Blue Ridge Parkway, the most visited National Park in the United States. The Ashe County Airport provides a 4,700-foot runway, making the area even more accessible. If your looking to find elbow room and a slower pace of life, night skies filled with a million stars instead of the glow of streetlights, and to hear the music of whippoorwills and hoot owls, then Ashe County awaits you.

The New River
Native Wildlife
Blue Ridge Parkway